Austria - the birthplace of the great musicians and composers, a country where high culture is adjacent to the beautiful mountain scenery and outstanding gastronomy. 
The Republic of Austria (Republik Österreich) - a country in Central Europe. It has borders with the Czech Republic, in the north-east - with Slovakia in the east - with Hungary, in the south - with Slovenia and Italy to the west - with Liechtenstein and Switzerland, in the north-west - with Germany. 

Austria is one of the richest countries.  Capital is Vienna. The territory is - 83,871 sq km Population - 8.4 million people. Most of the population is Catholic. They account for about 90%. Official language is German. The national currency is the Euro. 
Austrian flag is considered one of the oldest flags in the world. In 1191g. Duke Leopold V of Austria performed under these banners during the Third Crusade 62% of the territory is occupied by Austria Austrian Alps 
In Austria, 13 mountain peak over 3000m to 2000m and 34 more 
Austria is the birthplace of many famous composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Liszt, Strauss, Mahler and Bruckner. 
One of the largest emeralds (2860karat) the world is in the Imperial Treasury of the Hofburg (Imperial Palace) in Vienna. 
Krimml Falls - one of the highest waterfalls in Europe (380m). 
One of the oldest zoos in the world, founded in 1752., Located in Vienna. 
The capital of Austria - Vienna, holds third place in terms of life among the cities of the European Union.