"Brazilians have the ability to captivate enjoy life! "

Brazil - an ancient country with an interesting culture and unique natural landscapes and a rich and varied wildlife. In this warm country inhabits the greatest number of animals compared to other countries. Of all the countries in South America, Brazil is also a leader in size and population. A third of the territory of the country is the Amazon - a beautiful, mysterious and dangerous place at the same time. This huge river literally created a separate continent, it is one of the few areas of our planet that has been preserved in its original form, one of the large white spots on the map of the globe. 50% of the oxygen on our board is produced in the rainy tropical forests of the Amazon. And the Amazon River and its tributaries contain about 20% of all fresh water on Earth, which makes Brazil unique and unrepeatable.

On the territory of the country is one of the longest water systems in the world. This is the river - the Amazon, Parana, La Plata, San Francisco. Uneven erosion of river channels has led to the formation of numerous waterfalls cascading from the Brazilian plateau. Especially fame got Iguazu Falls, near the confluence of the Iguazu River in Parana - on the border between Brazil and Argentina. Near the waterfall, both countries have established national parks. Equally famous waterfall and Guaira or web Kedas on the Parana.

Brazil is often called "the land of great opportunities" for those natural resources that it possesses. The country has significant reserves of coal deposits which are located mainly in the southern part of the country. On reserves of oil shale, Brazil is one of the first places in the world. Brazil is the largest iron ore deposit of the planet. Export of iron ore, Brazil is also the world leader. And, of course, are still significant reserves of gold and diamonds. Owing to such a wealth of Nadra country's natural resources, industry Brazil every year increases the pace of development.

The current population of Brazil is different colorful ethnic composition. This is - the result of historical circumstances - the Portuguese colonization of the territory, wide import of black slaves to work on plantations, followed in the early nineteenth century mass emigration of European countries, as well as from Japan and China, the mixing of these populations with indigenous peoples - Indians.

At the moment, the main population of the country - the Brazilians, one of the largest and most mixed groups in the world. The total number - about 187 million. Inhabitants. The official language is Portuguese. But this is not the only language of the country, in remote areas of Brazil live tribes who speak 180 different languages.

In the cultural life of Brazil, perhaps the most important event - the Carnival. No wonder they say that in Brazil, live from the festival to the carnival. This is one of the most spectacular events that attracts the attention of people from all over the world. For Brazilians, who are born and live in the rhythm of the samba, the Carnival - is the main event of the year, during which it is possible to demonstrate their dancing skills and show imagination, and most importantly, good fun. Carnival - it's part of the mentality of the people of this Latin American country. The roots of the Brazilian carnival go to the ritual dances of slaves brought here once from Africa. For several centuries, their dances evolved, evolved, changed. By the middle of the twentieth century took shape some school dances, and there was a tradition of the annual celebration called Carnival!