Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) - it is a country in Central Europe. It has borders with Denmark, to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, in the south - with Austria and Switzerland, in the west of Germany on the border with France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the north of Germany bordering the North and Baltic Seas. The predominant types of relief in Germany - are equally the mountains, hills and plains. 

Population of over 82 million people. Territory of the country - 357 021 square kilometers. Capital - Berlin. Official language - German. About 64% of the population is Christian. Key People: Germans and immigrants, on 31.12.2005 there were 6,756,000 people. (legal immigration). Of these, 26% are from Turkey, 14% of the citizens of the former Yugoslavia, 7.5% citizens of the former USSR (507,849 people). Currency: EUR (Euro). 
Economic standard of living in Germany, one of the highest in the world, and the cultural level of the mark. 
Perhaps in their famous pedantry, love of order, precision and detail. In Germany, all are doing very well, if vehicles - that are among the best in the world, if the road is a decent car. Electronics, clothing, architecture - all in Germany, solid and reliable, practical. 
In this country, care about the environment. Rubbish is collected separately, the streets are washed with soap and water, make a model cut bushes and trees and invent alternative energy sources. Germany - it's narrow streets of old towns, gothic cathedrals, traditional beer and glass offices, beer festivals and the smell of freshly baked bread in the mornings.