The Republic of India is located in South Asia, the Indian subcontinent, bordering the Indian Ocean, and most of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. In the north of the country borders with Afghanistan, China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the east - with Bangladesh and Burma to the west - to Pakistan. 
Area India - 3,287,263 square meters. km. Capital - New Delhi. Population - 1 billion. 27m. Pers. In terms of population, India is second only to China. Official languages ​​- Hindi and English. Currency of India - Indian Rupee

India - a fascinating land with a rich culture full of secrets and mysteries of the centuries-old, and know it can only have been there. Travelers in India is lots of a variety of experiences: the fabulous palaces and temples, world famous monuments of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, a riot of colors of Indian shopping streets and an abundance of tropical fruit, freshness and beauty of the mountain peaks of the Himalayas, and, of course, endless strip of white sand beaches in Goa . 

India is so great that it can be regarded as a continent, which is home to a variety of peoples and nations, each with its own language, culture and traditions. India - a country in which surprisingly many religions co-exist peacefully. It is well known that the cow - a sacred animal for the Indians. But the fact that India has chosen its national bird is not an eagle or a falcon, and a peacock - few know. In general, the culture of India is based on respect for all living things, and is currently in the country, there are 55 national parks and 247 wildlife sanctuaries. This succeeded in preserving the unique ecosystem in which is home to many rare animals and birds.