Italy - one of the most beautiful countries in the world where snow-white peaks of the Alps contrast with the orange groves of Sicily, and the vineyards of Tuscany and Lazio - with ravines lands Basilicata. Italy - a country of inspiration, wonderland, contrasts and romance. 

Italy - a country situated in the central part of southern Europe. The territory of Italy is 301 thousand. Km ². 
The total length of the frontiers of Italy about 9000 kilometers, of which 20% is land border and 80% - the sea. The land border to the north of the country is held mostly in the Alps separating Italy (from west to east) from France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. In the south of Italy is separated from the northern coast of Africa Tunisian strait width of about 150 kilometers south-east of the Strait of Otranto separates Italy from the Balkan Peninsula. 
Population of over 61 million people. Capital - Rome. Official language - Italian. Currency: EUR (Euro). 
The territory of Italy includes the Po plain looking toward the slopes of the Alpine mountain arc, actually the peninsula, the large islands of Sicily and Sardinia, and tak¬zhe numerous smaller islands, including Pantelleria, Capri, Elba, Egadi and Aeolian Islands. 
Peninsula juts deep into the Mediterranean Sea. Italian coast washed by the seas, which are part of the Mediterranean Sea in the west - the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian, in the south - the Ionian to the east - the Adriatic.