Japan-land of the rising sun 
The history of "Land of the Rising Sun" is closely intertwined with the history of China and other Asian countries. Of these, the Japanese moved sowing rice, the methods of processing metals and construction, Buddhism and many philosophy. On the early history of the state can be found in Chinese chronicles. 

State Japan - a constitutional monarchy, the formal head of state is the Emperor (Mikado), real - Prime Minister (Prime Minister). 
Japan is located on the islands - four large (Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido) and set (about 6,800) fine. The capital and largest city - Tokyo (11.5 million. Persons). The territory of Japan - 377 thousand. Sq. km. Many mountains and hilly plains, considerable seismic activity. Frequent earthquakes. The climate is maritime, wet. 
Japan's population (125 million. Persons) - 99.4% of the Japanese and the Koreans, the Ainu (natives of Hokkaido) and some others. 
Official language - Japanese. It is also common knowledge of English and Chinese. Writing - about 5,000 characters (kanji), two syllabary (hirakana and Katakana) to 46 characters each, and Latin (romaji). 
The main religions - Buddhism north (Mahayana) and Shinto. Usually they are practiced simultaneously. In recent years, many new Buddhist sects, the most famous of which in Russia is "Aum." 
Currency - Yen, $ 1 is approximately 100 ¥ (though lately much jumping course). 
Traditional food - rice, fish and seafood. Traditional Drink - congee, rice wine (sake) and green tea. At the moment, the structure of supply varies greatly, it becomes more diverse menu actively introduced meat. Due to this, in particular, activated acceleration (increase in average height of Japanese). 
Today, Japan is famous throughout the world: 

  • Its powerful corporations and the development of electronic industry ... Japan is famous for its high quality products. ... 
  • Beautiful mountain scenery ... 
  • The porcelain. Such a variety of dinnerware, as in Japan, perhaps no country in the world. 
  • Its cuisine, which is considered the most useful in the world. Green tea is rich in vitamins C and caffeine. No wonder Japan is famous for its tradition of tea drinking. Also known is the huge sake (rice wine). 
  • Their longevity ... 
  • His art - poetry (haiku), painting, theater. 
  • Their traditions and ancient culture ... Everyone knows about the cherry blossoms, for example. 
  • His martial arts.