Poland is the largest country of Western Europe, the area of ​​its sostavlyaet312 685 km2. It shares borders with the Kaliningrad region of Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. With a population of around 39 million. Persons (more than, for example, in California), Poland is one of the most influential and attractive countries in Central and Western Europe. Composition of population: the Poles - 98.5%, Ukrainians - 0.6%, Germans - 0.5 Other - 0.4% 

Poland - a democratic country with a mysterious history, great cultural heritage and attractive sceneries. 

Many attractions of Poland gained world fame and paragraphs are mandatory visit. 
The country's capital - Warsaw. Poland's territory is mostly flat character, plains cover more than 90% of the territory. In the south-western mountains stretch - the Sudetenland, and in the south - the Carpathians. From here begins the biggest Polish river - Vistula and Odra, which cross the country from south to north. 
Official language - Polish. To the older generation of Poles can be accessed in Russian, and youth - in English. In both cases, the answer is likely to sound in Polish, and understand it the first time - not an easy task. Polish - a mixture of unpronounceable sizzling and familiar words. But almost all the "Russian-speaking" is fraught with fun surprises: uroda (monster) - is a beauty, lustra (chandelier) - mirror, grzeczny (sinful) - polite, zakaz (optional) - a ban, but dywan (sofa) - carpet.