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You can add collection of artworks to our website, receive actual appraisal value and place them for sale.

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We provide you with the ability to Add, Appraise and Resell your Personal Art collection, to help you get the most value in the Art Market. Register now by selecting the "Join as Collector" button shown below.

Simple Process

- creation of virtual art-collection;
- tracking of actual price for the whole collection;
- placing art for sale;


- systematization of the collection;
- consultation regarding collection;
- direct access to the market;
- minimization of the expenses;

Resell Artwork

- preparing artwork for sale;
- confirmation of the artowrk authencity with the artist;
- identification of the artworks and authors;

Track Value

- expert appraisal of the artwork;
- sales synamic of the artist;
- comparison of artwork prices in same style and genre;

* Actual value of the painting is based on the data from the private sales and public auctions. Purchase of the artwork is usually based on the emotional decisions and only later on financial analysis, thus the result of this calculation does not guarantee future sale prices of the art.